The best way to see the best attractions by citypass discount

CityPASS discount is a privately held company, production and sales of various metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle (from the regular admission price discount ticket discount), southern California, Tampa Bay and Toronto. Once passengers have purchased the CityPASS discount ticket, they do not have to pay any additional fees.

The company selects a set of scenic spots in each city or region, and then, in cooperation with scenic spots and various destinations, sells tickets directly to the consumer. For destinations, being included in the CityPASS discount program is a way of positioning the city as a potential option for potential tourists.

San Francisco packed a lot of its 49 square miles in its compact. CityPASS discount – we’ve chosen the best sights in the city, including the world famous cable car, and packed them into a perfect pocket sized booking book for you to visit. Citypass discountis valid for 9 days from the first day of use, giving you enough time to see the best places in San Francisco and to remember the best memories with you.

Note: in order to save attractive approval and delivery times, CityPASS discount ticket requirements should be received at least two weeks before your scheduled media research tour.

The ticket included in each CityPASS ticket is the legal property involved in the scenic spot. After the scenic spots are approved, CityPASS discount can provide free ticket to certified journalists.To obtain CityPASS ticket, please read the above voucher information to make sure your request is qualified. Then, enter our online application form.

CityPASS discount ticket brochure should be received not later than 14 days before your scheduled media research tour.These attractions allow two free ticket manuals for each accredited journalist / media delegation: a journalist and one of her / his guests. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional brochures for other friends and / or family members.

Once a ticket brochure has been issued at a specific destination, the reporter may not ask for additional brochures within 12 months at the same destination.A press pamphlet may not be transferred or sold to another for prizes or donations for charitable purposes. If you need to provide your readers with promotional gifts or drawings for promotional comp CityPASS discount tickets, please contact the CityPASS public relations department.

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